Asbestos Facts

What you need to know about Asbestos

  • Asbestos is a name for several commonly occurring fibrous minerals
  • It was mined and used for insulating purposes
  • The bundles of fiber become airborne when disturbed or damaged, leading to particles being inhaled
  • Used for: acoustic insulation, fire proofing, brake pads, gaskets, transmission parts, fire blankets, stage curtains, pipe insulation, brake blocks, heat shields on cabooses, and other everyday items
  • There are six different mineral types known as asbestos
  • It is estimated that 3,000 commercially prepared products include asbestos
  • Inhaled asbestos particles cannot be expelled by the body
  • Most people are exposed to asbestos will not be effected unless they are exposed in large amounts, such as during the course of their employment
  • Shipyard, railroad, and World Trade Center workers have been some of the most devastated groups in terms of asbestos exposure

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